Grab hold of the savings on quality custom sheet metal products.


As an American company doing business with Bayview metals, you will be opening yourself up to a whole host of savings which will have a significant impact on your bottom line. Bayview Metals competes on cost in Canada and in Canadian dollars, and we are dedicated to making sure that our products are affordable while still maintaining their high quality, so that American businesses can compete on cost across the border as well.

American companies are at the helm of an extraordinary value by sourcing fabricated custom sheet metal products from Bayview Metals, as they can save on costs when compared with doing business in the United States.



Canada, as well as the United States, are both oil-producing countries. Canadian manufacturers will be able to save on production costs and pass those savings in the form of lower prices.

Buying Canadian products means that Americans are spending less money because of a favourable exchange rate and stable energy costs in Canada.

The Canadian dollar hit a major low in January of 2016, trading at around 71 cents against the U.S. Dollar. In 2019 it is around 76 cents and at these rates, there is good reason for Americans to be buying Canadian products.

With the loonie currently worth 30% to 35% less than the greenback, American money will go farther up North. The value of the American dollar in Canada, in addition to things like NAFTA or the latest trade agreement, which eliminates duties on goods and services made in North America (all of our products are Canadian made), means Americans are spending less. Given the precision products produced by Bayview Metals makes buying from a Canadian company very attractive.


This is a great time to consider sourcing custom sheet metal products from Bayview Metals. We are located just two hours from the U.S. border and have a solid reputation both in Canada and the United States as providers of high-quality custom sheet metal products across a wide range of industries. We are Canadian owned and operated and have four and a half decades of experience providing exceptional customer service and manufacturing precision made sheet metal products.

For more information on how you can save while still receiving the same incredible service we’ve always offered, contact our team today. Our cost-effective sheet metal products provide the ideal solution for American companies looking for a great value, part of the many benefits of doing business with a Canadian Company.